Thai AlphabetEnglish SoundPronunciation Example
kas in ko kai (chicken)
khas in kho khai (egg)
khas in kho khuat (bottle) [obsolete]
khas in kho khwai (water buffalo)
khas in kho khon (person) [obsolete]
khas in kho ra-khang (bell)
ngas in ngo ngu (snake)
chas in cho chan (plate)
chas in cho ching (cymbals)
chas in cho chang (elephant)
sas in so so (chain)
chas in cho choe (tree)
yas in yo ying (woman)
das in do cha-da (headdress)
tas in to pa-tak (goad, javelin)
thas in tho than (base)
thas in tho montho (Mandodari, character from Ramayana)
thas in tho phu-thao (elder)
nas in no nen (samanera)
das in do dek (child)
tas in to tao (turtle)
thas in tho thung (sack)
thas in tho thahan (soldier)
thas in tho thong (flag)
nas in no nu (mouse)
bas in bo baimai (leaf)
pas in po pla (fish)
phas in pho phueng (bee)
fas in fo fa (lid)
phas in pho phan (tray)
fas in fo fan (teeth)
phas in pho sam-phao (sailboat)
mas in mo ma (horse)
yas in yo yak (giant)
ras in ro ruea (boat)
las in lo ling (monkey)
was in wo waen (ring)
sas in so sala (pavilion)
sas in so rue-si (hermit)
sas in so suea (tiger)
has in ho hip (chest)
las in lo chu-la (kite)
*as in o ang (basin)
has in ho nok-huk (owl)
au as in in nut
– –ooa as in in boat
–รรanun as in in tun
–รร–au as in in nut
–รรมamum as in in hum
–ว–uaewe as in in newer
–วยuaiuoy as in in buoy
–อoaw as in in saw
–็อ–oo as in in not
–อยoioy as in in boy
–ะau as in in nut
–ั –au as in in nut
–ัยaii as in in hi
–ัวuaewe as in in newer
–ัวะuaewe as in in sewer
–าaa as in in father
–ายaiye as in in bye
–าวaoow as in in now
–ำamum as in in sum
–ิiy as in in greedy
–ิวioew as in in new
–ีiee as in in see
–ึueu as in French du (short)
–ืueu as in French dur (long)
–ุuoo as in in look
–ูuoo as in in too
เ–ea as in in lame
เ–็ –ee as in in neck
เ–ะee as in in neck
เ–ยoeiu as in in burn + y as in in boy
เ–อoeu as in in burn
เ–อะoee as in in the
เ–ิ –oee as in in the
เ–วeoai + ow as in in rainbow
เ–าaoow as in in cow
เ–าะoo as in in not
เ–ียiaea as in in ear
เ–ียะiaea as in in ear with glottal stop
เ–ียวiaoio as in in trio
เ–ือueaure as in in pure
เ–ือะueaure as in in pure
แ–aea as in in ham
แ–ะaea as in in at
แ–็ –aea as in in at
แ–วaeoa as in in ham + ow as in in low
โ–oo as in in go
โ–ะoo as in in poke
ใ–aii as in in I
ไ–aii as in in I